The Smart Pen ink changes Any Color whatever color you scan


This is a new pen for any color changes what do you want, you will try this pen if you thought any changes colors you will try it now. Scribble says its pen can scan any color around you and then immediately reproduce that color on paper via a built-in ink cartridge. Launching on Kickstarter soon, the pen can reputable hold “over 100 unique colors … And can reproduce over 16 million unique colors.” The company shares that the pen will ship with an app to “instantly sync every color you scan” onto your iPhone or Android smartphone.

An Indiegogo project, the team behind the Cronzy pen also claims its Li-Po battery can get you using the pen for days without having to recharge. You’ll also receive interchangeable pen tips for various line weights.

The project was conceptualize in 2014, and the team is now seeking $200,000 to put it in testing phase. If all goes well, it’ll be ready to production in spring 2017, with shipment likely later that fall.

Scribbler 3D pen replaces ink with plastic which melts at a high temperature which is used to draw in the air or on a surface to create 3D objects. With scribbler 3D pen you can easily control extrusion speed, temperature and choose the plastic filament. Scribbler 3d printing pen is perfect for kids and adults.


Q1. How do you use a 3d pen?

Plug in your 3d pen and give it some seconds to heat up or warm up Insert the ABS or PLA plastic filaments into the back. Using the arrows, regulate or press the speed of your choice and watch the plastic flow out of the 3d pen through the extrude tip. You can now draw. To switch colors, push both buttons and the plastic ejects out of the back and then slips in another color.

 Q2. How the different speeds work?

The 3d pen has two main speeds which are fast and slow. The speed determines the flow of plastic allowing you to delicate or intricate details at your own pace. Switching between the different speeds can be done by pressing down on the lower or upper doodle buttons on the body of the pen.


OMRON’s FORPHEUS, First Tennis Robot Table is the World’s


An advanced robot developed by Japanese electronics company Omron has recently been certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s first robot table tennis tutor. FORPHEUS (Future Omron Robotics Technology for Exploring Possibility of Harmonized Automation with Sonic Theoretic) used machine learning to asses the skills of a human player, adjust its game accordingly and provide tips to help opponents improve their technique.

The world’s first robot table tennis tutor named FORPHEUS in Japan has set a new Guinness World Record for its unique ability of being able to play the game better than most humans.

It has been given the Guinness title for its advanced technological intelligence and educational capabilities.

FORPHEUS is for Future Omron Robotics Technology for Exploring Possibility of Harmonized automation with Sonic Theoretic.

Its goal is to harmonies humans and robots, by the way of teaching the game of table tennis to Woman’s and man’s players.

It has cutting-edge vision and machines which it uses to gauge movement during a match.

Truthfully, FORPHEUS is a pretty darn cool machine. And even though it’s an expensive AI-controlled machine designed to replace the concept of folding up the other half of a ping pong table, it is a proof of concept that more advanced teaching robots could be designed in the future.

FORPHEUS (Future Omron Robotics Technology for Exploring Possibility of Harmonized automation with Sonic Theoretic) has officially been given the Guinness title for its unique technological intelligence and educational capabilities.


According to the projects lead developer Take Oyo, from Omron Corporation, the goal of FORPHEUS is to harmonies humans and robots, by way of teaching the game of table tennis to human players. The machine is easily able to act as a coach thanks to cutting edge vision and machines it can use to gage movement during a match.


What do you think of FORPHEUS? Be careful what you say in the comments below, it’s probably listening.

Forest Harvester Rodeo Looks Fun and Dangerous


The Finnish boys recently purchased a scorpion harvester, which is a machine used to pick up logs in the forest, and they did the exact opposite to what the safety guidelines probably said, It’s very machine in the world, Hope you Buy this machine.

There are many ways to cut a tree, but few more efficient than a harvester. Capable of uprooting a forest tree and ripping off its branches, the machines are crucial to the logging industry. Rarely are thought of as fun, until a Finnish TV show got their hands on one for a rodeo. Some have hard and strong stems. And  some have soft and weak stems. Almost they all are green. Some are big and are small.

Their ground rules were simple: Stay on the longest. Their saddle was screwed into the log, and they had safety ropes for the falls, so while it might not be safe, it is at least not as dangerous as it could be. The Dudgeons, a Finnish prank collective that has worked with Johnny Knoxville’s Jackass, got themselves set up with a Posse Scorpion harvester.