First Woman to the Real Story of Kathrine Switzer’s 1967 Boston Marathon


Kathrine Virginia “Kathy” Switzer is an American author, television commentator and marathon runner. In 1967, she became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry.

During her run, race official Jock Semple attempted to stop Switzer and grab her official bib; however, he was shoved to the ground by Switzer’s boyfriend, who was running with her, and she completed the race. It was not until 1972 that women were allowed to run the Boston Marathon officially.

Personal life

In 1968, Switzer married Tom Miller, the man who had blocked officials for her while running the Boston Marathon in 1967. They divorced in 1973, and she then married and divorced public relations executive Philip Schaub and later married British-born runner and author Roger Robinson, in 1987

55 years ago, a runners officially entered as K.V. Switzer 1967 in the Boston Marathon. On Monday, she did it again at age 70.

Kathrine Switzer’s marathon in 1967 became historic because she was the first woman to complete the all-male race as an official entrant — her registration as “K.V. Switzer” hid her gender. The race resonated far beyond a footnote in the record books when an official tried to force her from the course after a few miles.

Tuesday afternoon Arnie picked up John, Tom, and me, and by 3 o’clock we hit the road for the five-hour drive to Boston. We found a motel in Natick, and after dinner Arnie insisted on showing us the course even though it was nearly 10 p.m. and freezing cold and rainy outside. He was excited at every land¬mark, saying things like “Here’s Wellesley College!” when we couldn’t see a thing out the steamy windows. The drive seemed an eternity, and I had this impending feeling of doom—here we were driving at 40 miles an hour and it was taking forever. Ever since that night I’ve never driven over a marathon course before the event. It is totally demoralizing to see how far 26 miles actually is.

She has said she hopes to run New York this year as well.

Of her legacy as a pioneer, she wrote in The Times: “We learned that women are not deficient in endurance and stamina, and that running requires no fancy facilities or equipment. Women’s marathoning has created a global legacy.”

Since 1967, Switzer’s become a champion for female runners, forming 261 Fearless, a nonprofit running club across the country.

Regardless of when Switzer crosses the finish line today, there’s no denying she’s already won in our eyes, a million times over.



How do make a Design an amazing flyer, people will want to read it


Whether you hare creating a flyer design for your Business, a gallery opening or a fundraising campaign, softtouchweb easy to use flyer maker will help you create an amazing flyer your audience will want to read it.

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Image may contain: 2 people, text

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Image may contain: 1 person, text

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Image may contain: 2 people, text

How To Make A Logo Design


Want to know how to design a logo like a professional and have all the
resources available you need in just post? Then this is the post for your
guideless about Graphic designing….

Learning to a professional logo design…


2. Know The Principles of Effective Logo Design Before you will design a Business logo, you must understand what is a Business logo design. A logo is not just a mark – a logo reflects a business’s commercial brand via the internet the use of shape, fonts, colour, and images.

Know The Principles of Effective Logo Design

Did you Now that you know what a logo is supposed to do, and what it should represent you now must learn about what makes a great logo the basic rules and principles logo design.

1. A design logo must be simple

How can yours stand out?
The answer is simple logo. Complicated logos with too many elements can be distracting and confusing to your audience. You want to take all your design inspiration and reduce it down to the basics. An effective logo should only include features that are critical to your business.

2. A logo design must be memorable

A few seconds is following closely behind the principle of simplicity, is that of memorability. all it takes to make a first impression, but you need to make sure your logo makes a lasting impression as well. Sharp colors and unique graphics are Only a couple of ways you can stand out in a suitable logo.

Image result for memorable logo

3. A logo design must be timeless

Just like the classic little black dress, your logo has to be timeless. You want your logo to be able to stand the test of time. Focus on your brand rather than what the latest trends are.
An effective logo should be timeless, it will stand the test of time.

4. A logodesign must be versatile

An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications. One of the best gifts you can give your logo is the power of versatility. When designing a logo, you must be mindful of its usage. You will be resizing this logo onto different surfaces and materials, such as letterheads, banners or business cards. Pick a logo that is effective at any size. The same goes for color.

Image result for versatile logo

5. A logo design must be appropriate

How you position the logo should be appropriate for its intended
purpose. For example, if you are designing a a logo for children’s toys store,
it would be appropriate to use a childish font & color scheme. This would not
be so appropriate for a law firm.


This Cotton Candy Pizza Makes Pineapple Topping Seem Mighty Delicious


Image result for This Cotton Candy Pizza Makes Pineapple Topping Seem Mighty Delicious

If you thought pineapple was the worst thing to put on a pizza, you were very wrong. A restaurant in japan is offering pizza topped with cotton candy and seasoned with honey sauce. 

Cotton candy pizza recently made headlines news in Japan, after Schmatz advertised it as a way of celebrating cherry blossom season. They added pink coloring and cherry blossom flavoring to both the cotton candy and the ginger sauce. This special pizza is only a temporary item on the menu, and can only be ordered until April 2nd.

Cotton candy-topped junk food is trending and we’re all for it.
Cotton candy is usually associated with the summer carnivals of our childhood. But there’s more than one way to eat this fluffy treat, thanks to a new trend that has restaurants and cafes topping ice cream, lemonade, and pizza with cotton candy.
If cotton candy-smothered pizza sounds a bit too much for you, cotton candy topped with an ice cream sundae just may be the mashup dessert of your dreams. Served at the famously over-the-top Room for Dessert café in the Philippines, there’s no need for bowls or plates with this treat: The plentiful ice cream sundaes are snugly nestled on pink and blue clouds of pure sugar. It’s probably wise to eat these quickly, however, before you end up with a puddle on the floor.

Cotton candy pizza recently made news headlines in Japan, after Schmatz advertised it as a way of celebrating cherry blossom season. They added pink coloring and cherry blossom flavoring to both the cotton candy and the ginger sauce. This special pizza is only a temporary item on the menu, and can only be ordered until April 2nd.

So if you ever find yourself in the Kanda district of Tokyo and get a craving for cheese pizza and cotton candy, stop by Schmatz Beer Dining. They’ll hook you up!


So if you have the opportunity to go to Tokyo Kanda area and want to eat cheese pizza and marshmallow, then look at the Schmaltz Beer Dining. They will be your appetite!


New York Restaurant Serves $2,000 Pizza Covered in Edible 24K Gold



Yummy Pizza has be long been regarded as the food of the people, It’s cheap, easy to make and tastes awesome Pizza. But that doesn’t apply to all pizzas. For example, a restaurant in New York City serves a pizza that only the 1% can afford. It’s priced at $2,000 and comes covered in strips of edible 24K gold it’s amazing Pizza now you will be try it. You eat one time then will be your mind try to again

The Industry Kitchen restaurant in New York’s South Street Seaport was inspired by the nearby Financial District, which attracts the wealthy from all over the world, to create the “epitome of decadence” pizza. It’s officially called ‘the fence’s’, but epitome of decadence sounds much more appropriate. This outrageously expensive treat consists of a black pie made with squid ink, Stilton cheese imported from England, Fire Grass and truffles from France, Ossetia caviar harvested from the Caspian Sea, edible flowers, and lots of edible 24K gold strips and flakes from Ecuador.


“The pizza is extremely rich—if you’re in the mood for a lavish meal, this is the pizza for you,” Executive Chef Aurelio Bunyan says. It’s also one of the most expensive foods money can buy, but apparently preparing it in the “form of a pizza makes it more approachable.”

“The people get in shock because they never see in one dish all these special ingredients” Braulio told Insider. “It’s very expensive and it’s delicious” At $2,000 a pie – that’s $250 a slice and around $50 a bite – it damn well better be delicious.


The Smart Pen ink changes Any Color whatever color you scan


This is a new pen for any color changes what do you want, you will try this pen if you thought any changes colors you will try it now. Scribble says its pen can scan any color around you and then immediately reproduce that color on paper via a built-in ink cartridge. Launching on Kickstarter soon, the pen can reputable hold “over 100 unique colors … And can reproduce over 16 million unique colors.” The company shares that the pen will ship with an app to “instantly sync every color you scan” onto your iPhone or Android smartphone.

An Indiegogo project, the team behind the Cronzy pen also claims its Li-Po battery can get you using the pen for days without having to recharge. You’ll also receive interchangeable pen tips for various line weights.

The project was conceptualize in 2014, and the team is now seeking $200,000 to put it in testing phase. If all goes well, it’ll be ready to production in spring 2017, with shipment likely later that fall.

Scribbler 3D pen replaces ink with plastic which melts at a high temperature which is used to draw in the air or on a surface to create 3D objects. With scribbler 3D pen you can easily control extrusion speed, temperature and choose the plastic filament. Scribbler 3d printing pen is perfect for kids and adults.


Q1. How do you use a 3d pen?

Plug in your 3d pen and give it some seconds to heat up or warm up Insert the ABS or PLA plastic filaments into the back. Using the arrows, regulate or press the speed of your choice and watch the plastic flow out of the 3d pen through the extrude tip. You can now draw. To switch colors, push both buttons and the plastic ejects out of the back and then slips in another color.

 Q2. How the different speeds work?

The 3d pen has two main speeds which are fast and slow. The speed determines the flow of plastic allowing you to delicate or intricate details at your own pace. Switching between the different speeds can be done by pressing down on the lower or upper doodle buttons on the body of the pen.

5 Best Spa,Fitness & Hair Salon Flyer Template


Are you running any business related to the spa, fitness or hair salon and looking for a great Flyers template to promote it ? Then, these spa, fitness & hair salon Flyers template will help you to promote your business in a different manner. With these Flyers templates, you can easily add your business information, pictures with just few clicks. These Flyers templates are specially created for your spa, fitness & hair salon business.

1).Spa & Wellness Flyer Template










  • Print dimensions : 8.5×11 inches
  • Easy to use and customize

2). Hair Salon Fashion Style Flyer Template

Image result for beauty Flyer

  • Print dimensions : 11.2×8.5 inches
  • Available in 2 different color combinations

3).Beauty Salon Flyer Template

Image result for Beauty flyer

  • Print dimensions : 11×8.5 inches
  • Easy to integrate with unlimited color combinations

4). Fitness Gym flyer Template

  • Print dimensions :  11” x 8.5″ inches
  • Easy to use and customize

5 ).Spa And Massage Business Template

  • Print dimensions :  11” x 8.5″ inches
  • Easy to use and customize