New York Restaurant Serves $2,000 Pizza Covered in Edible 24K Gold


Yummy Pizza has be long been regarded as the food of the people, It’s cheap, easy to make and tastes awesome Pizza. But that doesn’t apply to all pizzas. For example, a restaurant in New York City serves a pizza that only the 1% can afford. It’s priced at $2,000 and comes covered in strips of edible 24K gold it’s amazing Pizza now you will be try it. You eat one time then will be your mind try to again

The Industry Kitchen restaurant in New York’s South Street Seaport was inspired by the nearby Financial District, which attracts the wealthy from all over the world, to create the “epitome of decadence” pizza. It’s officially called ‘the fence’s’, but epitome of decadence sounds much more appropriate. This outrageously expensive treat consists of a black pie made with squid ink, Stilton cheese imported from England, Fire Grass and truffles from France, Ossetia caviar harvested from the Caspian Sea, edible flowers, and lots of edible 24K gold strips and flakes from Ecuador.


“The pizza is extremely rich—if you’re in the mood for a lavish meal, this is the pizza for you,” Executive Chef Aurelio Bunyan says. It’s also one of the most expensive foods money can buy, but apparently preparing it in the “form of a pizza makes it more approachable.”

“The people get in shock because they never see in one dish all these special ingredients” Braulio told Insider. “It’s very expensive and it’s delicious” At $2,000 a pie – that’s $250 a slice and around $50 a bite – it damn well better be delicious.



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