“ How do Make a Chocolate Cup Cake?

Flyers come in many  standard clothing sizes. For this tutorial, you can learn how to create an A4 size in Flyer template. Use the Rectangle Tool to draw the circle as shown in the picture. One is the cercle. The second one should be a dashed circle, it is a cutting cercle, set it at A4 size or 8.26X11.69, your text Flyer is  “making Chocolate Cup Cake”and Second text is “Do it yourself making Baking Cup Cake elements etc, should keep inside this line create it by use a Rectangle tool set it smaller than cutting cercle.  create a new layer for each part, for this tutorial, there are template, background, picture, text and decoration elements.

No automatic alt text available.

1. Create a new Circle and go to File>choose the picture and click OK.

No automatic alt text available.

2. Create a new layer and use Pen Tool to draw an element for your flyer
(The picture uses the same color tone that is slightly darker than a flyer color)..

No automatic alt text available.

3. Create another new layer and use the Text Tool to create your word. Change text style by use a Character Tool.

Image may contain: food

4. select the Circle and click (Draw Inside Shift +D to Switch Modes) then add your picture to cup cake.

No automatic alt text available.

5. Before you print, don’t forget to close layer2 to make the outline disappear.
Now, your file is ready to send to the printer and Print out.

Image may contain: food

  Now Finished.


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