The Weekly yoga Tips and Trick..

How many of you practice yoga? I know some of my followers would love to but they don’t. Some of you think it’s too slow, too feminine, too spiritual and so on.
None of the above could be so far from the truth. This week we will be learning why?

Are you too busy to connect with your body on the most basic level? Or are you too ignorant to understand the basic needs of the body to relax, stretch and strengthen?
“Stretching is not for me” – I hear that from so many people…and I wish you knew the consequences of this careless approach to the vehicle that drives you forward- your BODY.
Back pain, joint pain, bad posture, stiffness, hip replacements, arthritis and many other health concerns come from dismissing the importance to work your body in a controlled, relaxed manner in coordination with deep breathing.

If you don’t have time for classes, then find 5 minutes in the morning to carry out a few back stretches.
This week I will be showing a short sequence you can adopt to introduce into your morning routine and few other things.

Cheers to the existence of Yoga!



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